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I like it!

Congratulations! I like the animation, I like most of the voices, I especially like the soundtrack! Thank you so much for using my song, I really appreciate it :)

I hope our work can help your work in the future!

Timraband & Cuzone

Screw the haters

Thank you very much for using our song as a battle theme! We very much appreciate it. Your work is very very well done and you're very talented. This movie has your love for art written all over it. Congratulations on 20,000 views! May episode 2 reach 200,000, and keep using our music! :)

Timraband & Cuzone

tacobuttfish responds:

No problem, thank you for making beautiful music and I'm glad you got a chance to come check out my work! I plan on continuing to use your music for this series, glad to see I have your support!

-Taco Buttfish.

Congratulations to the already-millionaire author

This is hands down the best flash movie ever made in the history of mankind.

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Good job!

Great game, a lot of fun to play (especially because hey, everyone's a child inside). And thank you very much for using our song! We are very humbled and at the same time proud to see our music in a flash game with such a high standard of quality.

Timraband & Cuzone

belugerin responds:

Nice to hear the song in-game, your songs are great, we might use your songs in our future games, thank you for the review.


Very good game, enjoyed it a lot, thank you for using our song, it's with very great pride that we play this awesome game knowing you chose us, among all artists on Newgrounds, to be featured in it.

donix responds:

Thanks a lot. when I'm hearing your song, i got the soul of the game... it's awesome too

The bugs ruin it

On some levels, when I click to send the virus, instead, it throws a bomb. And guess how many people I infect? Zero! So it's one day lost. But it happens 5 or 6 times in a row. Sorry, you should fix this before you can release the game on Newgrounds.

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Disco Stu reference? :P

I'm giving you 10s so as to not ruin your scores or put you down. I do think you have a good groove in you, and you can express it rather well. My advice based on solely having heard this track is that you shoot for simple basslines, like the first one on this song. That's extremely catchy. The strings are really good too, maybe if you had invested time on creating a lead melody this could be worth gold.

Good job!

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks dude I love your feedback and will try to implement these things :) Thanks very much



There's a reason why Weird Al isn't relevant anymore, and the reason is that turning song lyrics into lyrics about food is boring and unfunny.

I'll give you a 7 for the amount of work you've clearly put into this, which is respectable. It's technically good, it's just too bland for my taste. (see? Bland? Taste? I'm making a food reference. And it's not funny.)

Jazza responds:

OH SNAP! haha it's ok. i kinda agree. Boredom sometimes gets the best of me regardless.


Fantastic piece, congratulations. Incredibly well put together. Quite simply the best thing I've ever heard on Newgrounds. You have really raised the bar for the rest of us.

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You are a brilliant artist! You make Newgrounds a better place for artists and admirers. Congratulations!


Nice Linework

Good lines, good stuff.

Good Stuff

The scene is classic, a little line-weight variation could make this even better... But its good already.

By the way, I'm the only one who think the cuts on the trees look like vaginas?


It's all about the music

Timraband and Cuzone @Cuzone


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