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Disco Stu reference? :P

I'm giving you 10s so as to not ruin your scores or put you down. I do think you have a good groove in you, and you can express it rather well. My advice based on solely having heard this track is that you shoot for simple basslines, like the first one on this song. That's extremely catchy. The strings are really good too, maybe if you had invested time on creating a lead melody this could be worth gold.

Good job!

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks dude I love your feedback and will try to implement these things :) Thanks very much



There's a reason why Weird Al isn't relevant anymore, and the reason is that turning song lyrics into lyrics about food is boring and unfunny.

I'll give you a 7 for the amount of work you've clearly put into this, which is respectable. It's technically good, it's just too bland for my taste. (see? Bland? Taste? I'm making a food reference. And it's not funny.)

Jazza responds:

OH SNAP! haha it's ok. i kinda agree. Boredom sometimes gets the best of me regardless.


Fantastic piece, congratulations. Incredibly well put together. Quite simply the best thing I've ever heard on Newgrounds. You have really raised the bar for the rest of us.


This is so catchy. Similar to my song Shankar, but slower and better. Congratulations!

Ef-X responds:


Its good

I would classify it as ambient, actually. It has lots of feeling, mood, sounds futuristic, the kind of sound I would expect on a game or movie.

I can see Neon Lights, Gritty Dark Streets and pitch black concrete all around, busy people not noticing each other... I love it.

Deserves a 5: 4.44 / 5.00 (+ 0.22)

If you can, check my lastest song, I would love your input!
Cheers :)


I miss chiptunes around NG, milkytracker is a great tracker and I loved your chiptune, your melodies are really good and I agree with the other reviewer, just up that bass a little and you're way to go.
Killer melodies man, what are your inspirations? Very touching stuff.

Gave it a 5:
4.49 / 5.00 (+ 0.95)

Keep up the good work, and if you could check my lastest song I would be glad.
Thank you :)

houzatosis responds:

Yeah, milkytracker is so much fun :) I've been listening to some of djodin's chiptunes on youtube. I really like his song Kjoleskapspirat.


I love songs made from speechs and voice-overs. and this one sounds great. I love the beat on the background and there is a nice choice of samples around. I love when the guitar starts.
Very nice song and a great ringtone.

Keep up the good work.
If you could check my lastest song I would be glad, cheers :)

Great Groove

I love the intro and the way the song develops, its fast and loud a great track for the dance-floor. I think it could use a little bit more variation, but its a good song and has a nice feel to it.

If you have time, please check my lastest song, I would enjoy :)
Cheers and keep up with music!

djresset responds:

okei:=) and thanks

Hey! Good job!

The other song on Nade Reborn is by us, I thought I should check out your work and it's really good. :) Congratulations on this loop, it has an impressive amount of emotion. Definitely worth the 10 and the 5.

I'd be honored if you would listen to some of our material!

Thank you,


Any game or movie should be proud of featuring your music. You are very talented, love the mixing, love the way you can make everything fit.

I'd be really really happy if you had the time to listen to some of my stuff.

Congratulations on this song!

KKSlider60 responds:

Wow, million thanks man, I appreciate it. :D
Yes, I'd be more than glad to listen to your stuff, indeed. ^^
Thanks again,

It's all about the music

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