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You are a brilliant artist! You make Newgrounds a better place for artists and admirers. Congratulations!


Nice Linework

Good lines, good stuff.

Good Stuff

The scene is classic, a little line-weight variation could make this even better... But its good already.

By the way, I'm the only one who think the cuts on the trees look like vaginas?



I love the "children book" style of it, good concepts too. My favorite one is on the bottom-left.

Cute guys, and its nice to see some different styles here on NG.


The general drawing looks good, i like the rendering of the emperor. The shading is really good and the pastel-like colors give to it a nice touch.

The pose is OK, but he looks a little off balance and the Skull-Mace looks a little bit rushed... a little polishing could do wonders.

Good piece overall and nice rendering.

XxCrazydudexX responds:

Thanks for the review and your honest opinion !


Nice use of your anatomy practice, the fore-shortening is a little strange... But the piece looks good, anyway.


I like the overall style of the art, the dots and lines linework gives to it a nice oldschool kids book feel to it.
the anatomy looks acceptable, but the red spots on the arms are strange, like the elbow is twisted. I'm not too sure about the pose too... While I don't fully get the concept of a paper doll. I think a more dynamic pose could help this drawing.

The pose as it is looks too "Posed" for a drawing, but at the same time, the legs are too close making it hard to cut and make a doll out of it.

Anyway, I like this style.
Keep pushing :D

dreamzmighty responds:

Thank you. I confess, I'm absolutely terrible ( At anatomy and objects ) when I don't use references. I use a reference for pretty much everything I do. And this is a product of me not using anything. It was my curiosity if my cartoons were as terrible as they used to be.

Though yes, the pose is very... boring. It IS a paper doll. the legs do leave a gaping whole, but I never intended to fully cut her out. And the red blotches are pretty much creases for her arms. Though I guess it doesn't look that way, does it?

This was very poorly done by me. It was more a test than anything. And everything you brought to my attention is perfect. I'm glad you were able to find so much for me to work on. Thank you. (:


Fishing for people's unconscious desires? Projection is always fun!

The piece looks mechanical, the squashed circles and edged shapes gives to it an clock-like look. The repetition and colors makes me think about ground texture, dry leaves and dirt... And the predominance of black on the image reminds me of night.

An vitorian pocket-clock fell on the ground and nobody saw it, it just stayed there.

NitroX72 responds:

If you want to put it that way I guess that's fine by me! :freud:

It's interesting that you got that interpretation out, most other fractals that I've used this style on were definitely more clockwork-themed, but wasn't supposed to mean anything like that here. I also thought the warped shapes were supposed to take away from the clockwork resemblance but now that I think about it some of the smaller details definitely do look clockwork-y.

Leaving time behind in the dirt, ignored and unwanted. Time hasn't caught up yet, but what will it do once morning comes? Hmm.

Thanks for the interpretation dude.

Good colors

A good piece, overall! I like the color choice, as your previous pieces shows too, you got a good eye for color. The pink and yellow combination is a nice one...

My only crits is about the front character abs, they look a little out of place when they touch the "V" like thing.

Other than that, solid work!

It's all about the music

Timraband and Cuzone @Cuzone


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