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NG Seriously NEEDS Audio Snippets

Posted by Cuzone - January 2nd, 2010

An Audio Snippet would be a 10/20 seconds audio clip, that the users could easily click and listen to a small part of the song, before deciding if they want to hear it fully.

Why this idea, you ask?

I have been an audio contributor on NG for almost two years now, and what I've seen is that unless you are featured (in a Flash production or on the Portal) nobody will listen to your song anymore. Why? Cause people only listen to stuff that is on the "New Audio" list, almost nobody browses the artist audio pages (unless you're famous, of course).

Now, lets look for a second at the art portal:

You look at a cool drawing on the "new drawings" list, you click on it, like it, vote and maybe review and to your side, you already see 4 thumbnails of other arts by the artist. So you can easily see if there is anything else you like, you click on it, open, vote... and so on.
And there you go, a single user gave his input on two drawings the artist made.

What about the audio portal?

You read the title of a song, on the "new songs" list. You're not even sure what it sounds like, but you give it a try. You click, wait till it loads, listen to it...maybe you'll vote and review. After that, if you want to hear anything else from the artist, you gotta click that drop down list and then, select another song name, wait till it loads and then listen to it.

Now, picture this:
You go to the audio portal, look at the names of the lastest songs, a title catches your eye and your click on the play button right in front of it, you hear a snippet of a part of the song (choosen by the artist when he submitted the song), you enjoy what you heard and you click on the song so you can hear it fully.
After enjoying it, voting... you look to your left, there are other four songs by artist there, all with the preview play button so you can see if you like how they sound and them, decide if you want to listen to them fully.

1 - It saves the portal bandwidth by preventing someone from loading an entire mp3 file that the user will only listen to 10 seconds because it didn't liked it.

2 - It makes easier for the flash creators to browse for songs, while searching for something they enjoy.

3 - It helps unknown artists to get some exposure.

Sorry about the bad english, but I hope the point got across.
Thank you for reading!


Seems like a good idea. I've see it used on iTunes and freesound.org. Of course, what part of the song would the snippet be from?